The sun rose again on Saturday morning and with bright futures

Typically, our data center has available fuel reserves to go on for at least 5 more hours without power, giving us sufficient time to react. However, this time round the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy has submerged and destroyed the fuel pumps, rendering the fuel reserves useless. All services affected by the power outage were suddenly taken offline without notice.

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Ultimately the Lions got a tide stopping three pointer from Drayton Caoile and a big two handed dunk from Bertain to give West Linn a 65 53 lead and an eventual 71 58 win to take third overall at the 6A state tournament on Saturday. The gut punch of losing to Clackamas in the semis lingered, but only for a few hours after the defeat. The sun rose again on Saturday morning and with bright futures ahead for the Lions, West Linn went about ending its wild season on a high note..

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