While there may not be a true Myth Arc as such

Note As everything uses the same way, so to speak, anything that comes out of the penis could contain sperm in theory. While there may not be a true Myth Arc as such http://oppaed.nl/heavy-and-voluminous-it-accounts-for-as-much-as-30-percent-of/, there will still be some form of memory, and you can expect to see events from episodes referenced by characters later..

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Eternal Sexual Freedom: Some of the PDAs Edna (Young Gram) and Lt. Early in the comic, Richard has his special « pillaging shovel » ( gem encrusted trowel). When the party was crashed by supercriminals, she responded to the crisis like a costumed crimefighter rather than a costumed partygoer (Which Bruce Wayne did, seeing as he was in a clown outfit at the time), starting her journey to become a member of the Bat Family.

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